Roderick Smith Jr is an American actor, writer, producer, model, & entrepreneur. He started modeling when he was three years old, appearing in campaigns for JC Penny’s and the Colorado Rapids but after moving to Broward County, Florida, he moved away from the arts and focused on sports. Over the next 15 years, Roderick played numerous sports including; football, basketball, rugby, soccer, and baseball. It wasn’t until he was in his third year of playing football collegiately at Colorado State University - Fort Collins did he realize that his heart still belonged to entertaining people. After leaving college, he committed to building his craft and has since worked with some of the premier talent in Colorado.

In order to maintain a flexible schedule, as well as, the financial stability to pursue his dreams, in 2016 Roderick and his long-time friend started two companies. One being an online E-Commerce that facilitated the sell and distribution of international gadgets, toys, and knickknacks all over the world. The second being a personal growth and development business that targeted helping men overcome insecurities and societal pressure that distracted from a healthy mental and physical life. The businesses saw revenue of north of 500,000 dollars in their first year and led them to live in Medellin, Colombia in order to build the company. (More on this in, The Time I Made a Half Million Dollars pt.1).

Roderick has since concentrated all his efforts on his craft and maintains the discipline, work ethic, and drive that a life of playing sports and building businesses has taught him. He is currently represented in three markets; Denver, Colorado; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Atlanta, Georgia (Click for Agency Contact Info).

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