The Time I Made a Half a Million Dollars Pt. 1

At the beginning of 2016, I quit my job of an apprentice housing contractor in order to start a personal growth and development business with my best friend, Gavin.

The program, Women Educational Training (W.E.T. for short) was focused on teaching men how to attract, communicate, respect, and develop loving relationships with women.

It was the first company we ever started. And after reading as many personal development, business start-up, and PUA (pick-up artist) books we could find, we decided to put everything we had into it… effectively bankrupting both of us.

When I say we were broke.. we were BROKE broke!

So broke that I became the King of Grilled Cheese (I don’t even like grilled cheese).

So broke that the only way we ever ate out was when females would come over and bring us food.

So broke I couldn’t afford an oil change, which destroyed my car engine, leaving me even more broke and now immobile.

And even though we were sitting on a mountain of insightful and original content (audiobooks, video courses, booklets, and even an online membership site), there was nothing we could do to generate enough capital to launch our business.

So in the summer of 2016 we did what any 22 and 23 year old would do, we threw a party!

“The 2016 WET and WILD Pool Extravaganza” as we called it. “The biggest pool party to ever come to Colorado” as we sold it… and honestly, I truly think it was.

We elicited our friends to work promo and leveraged anyone we knew to help pitch in to make it a huge success.

We had 2 revolving DJs, 6 photographers, security, 8 local singers/rappers, and a private VIP-only chef from the Four Seasons cater the event, all of whom worked for free! (Love you guys!!)

The party generated over $12,000 and after expenses and a sizable charity donation to the Denver Rescue Mission that helped shelter over 500 people, double our original goal, we had a total profit of a little over $8,000.

We spent the next 6 months continuing to build our company, as well as, designing the marketing campaigns necessary for a 2017 launch.

We thought we had a slam dunk on our hands but soon came to realize that, launching your own expertise business is extremely hard and even more costly.

After two months of trail and error, nothing was working and we had only lost money.

We continued to shoot content every night while Gavin studied Facebook advertising during the day.

We decided to double down and expand our personal development company to include an online e-commerce store. I would continue to develop content for WET, as my partner dove into the e-commerce side of the business.

Within our first week of launching the e-commerce site we lost over $500 dollars.

By the end of the second week, we lost $2000.

But something amazing happened in that third week…

Our product went viral!

And by the end of the first month we had made around $9,000!

…then by the end of month two, we had lost $4000

It was a vicious cycle of ups and downs through the first three months.

We were starting to panic and couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

We decided to ask our friend for advice who also owned an e-commerce business.

He suggested that we move to Medellin, Colombia where he would privately coach us on the industry.

After much discussion, we decided to take a leap of faith, and we moved to Colombia.

It was the first big leap of faith I had taken since leaving college. I knew that their was a good chance that we would end up bankrupt and trapped in Colombia.

But something inside of us urged us to take a chance.

I was nervous and excited and scared and hopeful. It would be my first time outside of the country in my life.

It was a decision that could change my life forever.

And it did…

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